Sunday, October 14, 2012

The perfect plan

If you are planning for your dream Indian Wedding,then you are at the right place.As a bride you will be more excited, but the question then arises is, how do I make my wedding the best?

All you have to do is to  start with a perfect planning. I will be sharing some planning tools which I used for my wedding.As I was living abroad, I had most of the planning done online and certain things through phone and organized something with the friends too. It  is very exciting for me to express the way I organized the wedding and how it went well while most of the stuff was done online.

The wedding started with planning for the dates where our parents met and decided (As my husband also lived abroad). So next started with the Budget , Guest list , venue,catering,Wedding Invitations,Photography,videographer,stage decors,garlands, wedding dresses,shoes, make up, trial make up preparations and so on.

The interesting part of this is, I wanted to invite all my friends who worked with me and I wanted the wedding invitation which should be truly expressing my Indian roots, So I planned to do the wedding invitations myself. Wow..I started with one,two, three varieties and I made wedding invites of many designs and styles. I truly enjoyed the art of  making Wedding Invitations.Now I got a alternate job of making the wedding invitations....

What a way to start with the wedding plan!!!

I had a budget file.Me and my husband allocated the wedding expenses accordingly and then started managing the wedding budget. I promise it really worked out.We never overshoot the budget,infact we had spent lesser than we budgeted,but with no compromise on the quality!

Click the link below to download the All in one wedding budget planner.

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