Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Bridal trousseau - online shopping

Thanks for the tremendous response for previous post on trousseau shopping...Our blog's page on FB has crossed 25000 likes and it's really a big moment for me!!!

This post is about one of the exclusive designer saree boutique online where I found most beautiful designs and the ways to get it this time. Yep it's about the Purple peacock design studio.

    They have got gorgeous sarees in stock which I found very beautiful and light on pockets too :p . The saree price range is from Rs.1900 to Rs. 6000..

I have listed few of their collections in this page.. If you like any of these you can purchase from their online boutique from mirraw or you can send them an email at purplepeacockdesignstudio@gmail.com

This list makes a must have saree combos for your bridal trousseau

1.Shades of peacock saree :

My very favorite all time combination colours - colours of a peacock .. You will never go wrong with these colours. Made from silk and brocade fabrics, this saree will definitely make you the star of the occasion.

 And not to forget I loved the neckpiecetoo...

2.The pink paisley saree :

Mango yellow with rani pank paisley border. A traditional and a classic combo. It's best suited for haldi ceremony or for Pooja at your in laws .

The pearl neck set and jhumkas adds to the beauty. The patterned brocade blouse adds a modern touch to this ethnic combo

3.Classic green raw silk saree :

The gorgeous green raw silk saree comes with a golden thread work border on one side and a purple brocade border on the other.Its an easy drape and looks trendy . Could be used for cocktail party or bachelorette party too :)


4. Splash of colours - the fanta orange and sea green brocade saree :
     Another one of my favourite sarees.. A gracious burst of fanta orange with a contrast sea green brocade and a zardosi border. Comes in a raw silk fabric.Lovely isn't it?


5.Bottle green and red saree with a heavy work border:

  A different combination saree with a heavy worked border ! What's not to love about this ? The patterned red brocade blouse adds to the beauty!


6.Soft baby pink georgette with sprinkled sequins border:

A mind blowing gentle combo of baby pink and neon green in a very soft georgette fabric.Perfect for party wear.


7.Lime green and hot pink crepe

Colours of celebration!Lime green soft crepe with antique and hot pink border ..

8.Turquoise blue and red :

Turquoise blue banarasi georgette saree with contrast copper and red border with kundan work along the saree.


9.Purple passion :

10. Rusty Zig zag soft printed silk :

11.Polka Love Saree 

Monday, April 29, 2013

Bridal Makeup

         A wedding day is the best day in a  girl’s life and who doesn’t want to look their best on that day ? An important factor that can make you shine on your dazzling day is the perfect make up. An under done make up can make you look dull , while a overdone can totally spoil the look. So more than anything else, it is very important to take care of your make up. 

    Currently the make up that are in trend are ,
1.Air brush make up
2.Kryolan make up
3.Mac make up
     Kryolan make up for your big day ranges between Rs . 4k to 5k, while Kryolan is around 7k to 8k .The airbrush which is the best of all the make up comes at around 10 k to 12 K. Sari drape and hair do  are also generally included in the package. Air brush make up is becoming too popular these days as they make one look  the best in wedding photographs. Also this make up is being widely used by the celebrities. As I personally  have a wonderful experience with the air brush make up, I would suggest one to go with it.It is expensive than others, but definitely worth spending and believe,”No regrets”.Here are some more tips to help get that glowing bride look.

1.Avoid using products that contain SPF
    Products that contain SPF can photograph weird because of the zinc oxide found in many moisturizers and foundations. It causes that paled out face look that shows up in photographs, but not in person. So your best bet is to avoid products with SPF on your wedding day.
2. Go light on the shimmer
    A highlight on cheekbones or browbones is flattering, but too much shimmer doesn’t photograph well. Shimmer has light reflecting particles that the camera picks up as white streaks or shine. Try doing a complete run-through of your makeup before the wedding, and take pictures. If you see shiny or white streaks where you’ve applied a shimmer product, you know where to tone down.
3. Wax three days before the wedding
     Redness can be tough to cover, and some people stay slightly swollen for a couple days post-wax.
4. Skip lip gloss if you’re wearing a veil that comes down over your face (for Christian brides)
   It’s a magnet for the fabric and will make the veil stick to your lips the second you put it on. The gloss and any lipstick you’re wearing will transfer to the veil, making for a messy situation.
5. Don’t stray too far from your usual look
   There are minimalist makeup girls,who  request a red lip vintage look for their trials and also brides who normally wore a lot of eyeliner ask for a natural look, but they usually don’t feel right when it’s done. Don’t experiment with new stuff just before your wedding!
6. Bring oil blotting sheets with you
   This is a must have in the bridal touchup kits. It’s a long day and most people get a little shine, but these papers keep it at bay. Its  preferred over  powder because powder tends to cake up after multiple applications.
7. Use a foundation and eye primer
      The number one question brides ask is “Will my makeup stay on all day?” With good primers, it will! So ask your stylist for a best primer to keep you dolled up for your big day.
8. Use waterproof mascara
        This may seem like a no-brainer, but brides have a million and one details to worry about, so this can get overlooked. It’s a big day, and if you get emotional, you want to make sure your mascara doesn’t show it.Make sure you have those water proof mascaras on your beautiful eyes.
9. Set your foundation with loose powder
    Not only does the powder give the foundation a soft finish, but it takes shine out of the skin. Cameras pick up shine, but starting with powder and touching up with oil blotting sheets will keep you shine-free.
10. To make your lipstick last all day.
         First apply a lip primer to give your lips an even surface and rid of any flaky bits.Apply foundation to the lips and let it dry – this gives a good base. Then line your lips with your lip pencil (which should be the same shade as your lipstick). Then fill in all your lips with the pencil. Finally on top of that apply your lipstick. Blot with a tissue and reapply your lipstick – repeat this twice. Now your lipstick should stay on all day. If it does start to wear off you will have the lip pencil underneath so your lips won't look patchy.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Exclusive Bridal Saree Blouses

        Thank you so much for the overwhelming response for the Bridal saree blouse styles article (http://dreamindianwedding.blogspot.com/2013/02/bridal-saree-blouse-styles.html).

 I found quite lot of people who do very pretty customization of the blouses. You can check out the contact details of  them at the end of the article .

Here are few more bridal saree blouse inspirations for the brides to be !

These beautiful blouses can be designed by,

1.Studio Jazz , Tiruvanmiyur, Chennai (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Studio-Jazz/240342172650348)

3.The Blouse Factory , Mumbai (http://www.theblousefactory.com)

     Don't  neglect the fact that a beautifully designed blouse is the key to make you look perfect in your bridal saree. Cheers !

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Exquisite Indian wedding jewellery

         The great thing that I love more than an Indian wedding is Indian bridal jewellery.It compliments the beauty of the bride.Whether you choose a traditional kundan piece or a more modern textured gold piece to wear, you can’t go wrong with either.

For stylish and beautiful golden jewellery shopping,

1.GRT Jewellery ,Chennai 
2.Lalitha Jewellery , Chennai
3.Prince Jewellery , Chennai
4.Joy Alukkas , Chennai
5.Bhima Jewellers
6.Tanishq jewellery

   Please take this short survey to enhance the  online saree shopping experience 

             For Artificial kundhan or  stone jewellery  try Jhill Mill Fashions (http://www.jhillmill.com/in) Pondy Bazaar,Chennai.They got a variety of design ranging  from Rs.500 to Rs.20000.Other artificial jewellery shops which you can try are Nihaarika Jewellers & Tanish jewellery.Tanish jewellery is a small shop in Anna nagar, chennai which is near roundana.They got a good sense of style and help you choose the perfect set for your wedding dress.

            Here are some of the most gorgeous designs  I managed to put together to add glam to your bridal wear.

Photo Courtesy - Rahul Sadagopan photography (www.photoscape.in) .

 Rock your big day!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bridal Trousseau - Saree & Salwar shopping!

                   Bridal trousseau is yet another interesting  and fun part of the wedding. It starts with the joy of  shopping of everything from variety of sarees to salwar, make up, footwear,jewellery,clutches etc....

Saree shopping :

                  When it comes to the saree there are a wide variety of  choices ranging from heavy work deisgner sarees to simple daily wear sarees.The price can range anywhere between Rs.1000 to Rs.50000.
Shop these beautiful sarees from Nvy studio,chennai , Rmkv stores , Seasons India and Aishwarya design studio.
Also check out these beautiful sarees in all fabrics - cotton,chiffon,georgette,brocade and silk from online saree boutiques all at one place .

They do shop world wide....     So happy saree shopping!



Anarkali salwar:

Shop for these beautiful Anarkali suits from Aishwarya design studio ,http://www.cbazaar.com & www.barcode91.com !

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Silky Stylish footwear for the Princess! - Bridal footwear

         As a girl, I was always fascinated about shoes and loved to collect different varieties.So when it came to the weddding, the footwear selection was so special for me, I was tempted to buy all the shoes from the bridal wear collection. I ended up buying one, two,three, four.........and finally  ten shoes for the wedding.However I wore the golden shoe which matched my saree for the wedding and the peacock coloured shoe for the reception.
          There is always a wide choice for the selection of the shoes , but choosing the right one is the key. There are certain things which needs to be given a thought before choosing the bridal foot wear.
  1. First thing to remember is, to pick your shoes after you have chosen your wedding outfit. This will help you pick shoes which complement your wedding outfit.
  2. Aim to pick your shoes around the same time as your dress, as you will need them for the fittings to determine the length of your dress in case of any alterations. It’s always good to account for some buffer time just in case the size is not available or for customization.
  3. Lay stress on the sole and check for cushioning and comfort level. This is extremely important as you may have to wear them all day long and stand for a few hours.
  4. Do not forget to consider when choosing a pair of high heels. The right is high enough to make you slimmer, but if it turns out it can make your partner look short, this is certainly not the ideal type of shoe.
  5. Note the floor of your wedding location before choosing a shoe. If the floor area wedding including a slick, do not wear shoes with soles that glossy because the risk of making you slip.
  6. The experts suggest the best time to pick or buy wedding shoes is during the afternoon or evening. This is because feet tend to swell at the time. This way you can prevent the shoe suddenly feel cramped at the wedding ceremony lasted until the evening.
  7. Whatever kind of shoe you choose, make sure you try it first before the wedding takes place. Wear shoes for walking and standing around the house. This can reduce the risk of blisters on your feet that happy day.
  8. ALWAYS, plan for a back up pair, just in case!
  9. Remember, that if your wedding outfit is long, your shoes may not show as much. In such a case you can opt for a nicer yet practical option as compared to a shorter length outfit in which case your shoes would be seen.
Some inspirations for silky stylish Indian bridal foot wear .....






       Choose the right one for you and rock your big day!