Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Exquisite Indian wedding jewellery

         The great thing that I love more than an Indian wedding is Indian bridal jewellery.It compliments the beauty of the bride.Whether you choose a traditional kundan piece or a more modern textured gold piece to wear, you can’t go wrong with either.

For stylish and beautiful golden jewellery shopping,

1.GRT Jewellery ,Chennai 
2.Lalitha Jewellery , Chennai
3.Prince Jewellery , Chennai
4.Joy Alukkas , Chennai
5.Bhima Jewellers
6.Tanishq jewellery

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             For Artificial kundhan or  stone jewellery  try Jhill Mill Fashions ( Pondy Bazaar,Chennai.They got a variety of design ranging  from Rs.500 to Rs.20000.Other artificial jewellery shops which you can try are Nihaarika Jewellers & Tanish jewellery.Tanish jewellery is a small shop in Anna nagar, chennai which is near roundana.They got a good sense of style and help you choose the perfect set for your wedding dress.

            Here are some of the most gorgeous designs  I managed to put together to add glam to your bridal wear.

Photo Courtesy - Rahul Sadagopan photography ( .

 Rock your big day!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bridal Trousseau - Saree & Salwar shopping!

                   Bridal trousseau is yet another interesting  and fun part of the wedding. It starts with the joy of  shopping of everything from variety of sarees to salwar, make up, footwear,jewellery,clutches etc....

Saree shopping :

                  When it comes to the saree there are a wide variety of  choices ranging from heavy work deisgner sarees to simple daily wear sarees.The price can range anywhere between Rs.1000 to Rs.50000.
Shop these beautiful sarees from Nvy studio,chennai , Rmkv stores , Seasons India and Aishwarya design studio.
Also check out these beautiful sarees in all fabrics - cotton,chiffon,georgette,brocade and silk from online saree boutiques all at one place .

They do shop world wide....     So happy saree shopping!



Anarkali salwar:

Shop for these beautiful Anarkali suits from Aishwarya design studio , & !

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Silky Stylish footwear for the Princess! - Bridal footwear

         As a girl, I was always fascinated about shoes and loved to collect different varieties.So when it came to the weddding, the footwear selection was so special for me, I was tempted to buy all the shoes from the bridal wear collection. I ended up buying one, two,three, four.........and finally  ten shoes for the wedding.However I wore the golden shoe which matched my saree for the wedding and the peacock coloured shoe for the reception.
          There is always a wide choice for the selection of the shoes , but choosing the right one is the key. There are certain things which needs to be given a thought before choosing the bridal foot wear.
  1. First thing to remember is, to pick your shoes after you have chosen your wedding outfit. This will help you pick shoes which complement your wedding outfit.
  2. Aim to pick your shoes around the same time as your dress, as you will need them for the fittings to determine the length of your dress in case of any alterations. It’s always good to account for some buffer time just in case the size is not available or for customization.
  3. Lay stress on the sole and check for cushioning and comfort level. This is extremely important as you may have to wear them all day long and stand for a few hours.
  4. Do not forget to consider when choosing a pair of high heels. The right is high enough to make you slimmer, but if it turns out it can make your partner look short, this is certainly not the ideal type of shoe.
  5. Note the floor of your wedding location before choosing a shoe. If the floor area wedding including a slick, do not wear shoes with soles that glossy because the risk of making you slip.
  6. The experts suggest the best time to pick or buy wedding shoes is during the afternoon or evening. This is because feet tend to swell at the time. This way you can prevent the shoe suddenly feel cramped at the wedding ceremony lasted until the evening.
  7. Whatever kind of shoe you choose, make sure you try it first before the wedding takes place. Wear shoes for walking and standing around the house. This can reduce the risk of blisters on your feet that happy day.
  8. ALWAYS, plan for a back up pair, just in case!
  9. Remember, that if your wedding outfit is long, your shoes may not show as much. In such a case you can opt for a nicer yet practical option as compared to a shorter length outfit in which case your shoes would be seen.
Some inspirations for silky stylish Indian bridal foot wear .....






       Choose the right one for you and rock your big day!


Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Bridal saree blouse styles!

                You have chosen your bridal saree, so what next ? Selection of a bridal blouse style and design plays a important part.A well designed blouse can make you look great even in a simple saree , on the otherhand an ill fitting blouse can totally ruin the whole look.

               So very good care must be taken while choosing  the blouse.A  best looking blouse depends on many factors like shape of body, face, shoulders, bust, and comfort level. Whatever your shape is, there is certainly a right stylish blouse for you. Select a design that suits you best.

Neckline plays the most important part in choosing Saree (sari) blouse,it should perfectly go 
with your overall appearance for that perfect look.

  • High collar blouses look good on women having a thin and long neck
  • Short or thick neck women or one's having a double chin should choose V-neck blouses.
  • If you have short neck and want it to appear longer, then go for V neck or U neck blouse.
  • If your neck is too long, avoid deep U and V neck.
  • Women having firm necks could show off by opting for the square shape blouse. The depth of the neck depends on comfort level
  • Taller woman should choose circle or square neck blouses.            
  •  Shorter woman should choose oval or rectangle neck blouse.       

Silk saree blouse designs:

The silk saree goes well with the blouse in silk material embellished with stones , kundan 

and motifs work . Designer embroidery and minute work  on the blouse gives a rich look and 

adds  beauty to the saree.






  Designer Saree blouse:   

    Designer saree blouses in satin , net, brocade, lace fabric with pearl , ari , zari, resham work 
enhances the beauty and gives a royal look to the saree. Care must be taken that the embroidery or the stone work are done properly with lining and perfect finish so that it doesn't hurt when wearing for longer period.


The designer blouses can be shopped readymade from, (can be custom made also ) (can be custom made also ) (can be custom made also )

 or can be custom made along with the saree or lehenga