Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Real wedding story - Karthik and Ilavarasi

This is the story behind how Karthik and Ilavarasi got hitched.

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       A doctor, body builder, and a boxer, Karthik is a new age multitasker. And when an exotic personality when matched with another exotic personality, the stage just is 'cuteness overload'. Karthik and Ilavarasi met at college. Ilavarasi, as she puts it, just did not like Karthik during the initial days. In-fact she was so anti-Karthik that she did all that she could do in her capacity to make him fall and flounder at the college elections. But Karthik being the hero that he is, won big. A lot of Karthik reminds us of Mouna Raagam's Karthik. Or atleast that's the way Ilavarasi makes their story sound. Karthik wanted to be friends with her, while she kept turning him down. Persistence won at some point and they got talking. Karthik went all Alaipayudhae on Ilavarasi, and never told her the cliched "you are so beautiful I want to marry you". But he just said those things that a girl would cherish for the rest of her life. "I think I can keep you happy" is a strong statement to make to a girl. Well done, Karthik. Total respect!

Karthik and Ilavarasi had to wait for nine years to get married. The divisions of community came into play, and parents were skeptical but they persisted and won again! And this grand love story deserved a super grand finale. The wedding was as extraordinary as their love story. We were able to capture a lot of Trichy's aerial shots, thanks to our drone. The bride gave a Pallakku entry, the groom matched it up with an entry that is warrant to kings - he was sitting majestic atop an elephant. The family members rejoiced and like Cinderella and Prince Charming, we are certain that they will live happily ever after.

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